Monday, February 28, 2011

What's In The Hat?

Read What's In the Hat!
A Game To Reinforce Sight Word Recognition

(Click on the picture to download the pdf.)

Print the game cards and grab a hat!

Students take turns drawing a sight word card from the hat.
If the student can read the word card correctly, he/she keeps the card.
Students continue taking turns.
(If the word card drawn is unknown, place it in a discard pile to review at the end of the game.)

If a "Thing One and Thing Two" card is drawn, the student returns all of his/her word cards to the hat.
(The "Thing One and Thing Two" card is placed in a separate pile and does not need to be returned to the hat.)
Play continues as time allows or until the hat is empty!

I've provided a pdf of 100 sight words and 24 "Thing One and Thing Two" cards.  Include as many or as few of the cards as appropriate for your group of students.  This version of the game "Bang" reinforces sight word recognition during our week of Dr. Seuss Fun!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Munch With Munsch

Click the picture to download the pdf.

As part of our author study, student chose a favorite Robert Munsch book!  After "Reading To Someone", the students worked independently to tell about their favorite part of the story and why it was their favorite part.  They also wrote about the connections they made to the favorite part.  Since we completed this literacy project on a "Fun Friday", my readers and writers "munched" on popcorn during this Snack and Share activity!

Here's a look at Robert Munsch's book Andrew's Loose Tooth through the "eye" of my new document camera!  I received this neat, little gadget weeks ago and I just recently got around to taking it out of the box.  The set up was quick and simple!  It was perfect timing to be able to use this camera along with the recorded narrations from the 

Here's a better look at the document camera I received from!

What a great gadget with several possibilities!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pizza 31

Pizza 31 is a great game to developing counting skills!

The goal is to come as close as possible to 31 with only 3 cards and all of the same kind of pizza.

Perfect for a small group math station and/or as a math "sparkle" activity choice!

100% FUN!


Laugh Out Loud

A Great Joke and Riddle book from Hallmark!

The Super Silly Laugh-O-Meter will be a big hit with first graders!

With six hilarious sound buttons, even the teacher will laugh along!

I just love a great classroom find!

Smiles and Laughs,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready, Set, Giggle!

Do your favorite first graders love to tell jokes?

Are “joke books” a favorite in your classroom library?

If so, introduce my “Ready, Set, Giggle” journal into your classroom! 

(Click above to download the pdf in color.)

You can use folders, binders, or even marble composition notebooks to get the fun started.  We feature a “joke of the day” each school day and at the end of the week, we choose a joke to enter in our giggle journals!

The jokes we use are from some favorite books, kid friendly websites (…just Google ~ there’s a lot to choose from…), and/or student generated!  I begin by typing up the joke for student illustration, but your students could certainly write their own entries by copying from the posted classroom joke.   We have “Fun Friday” in my classroom and the giggle journal is a great way to begin the day!

These journals are favorites for take home reading, classroom buddy reading, and the go to choice in our classroom “Read Again Bags”!

Spring is the perfect time to begin this new “journal” in your classroom!

Wishing you a little laughter in your day,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dental Health

These final days of February are the perfect time to turn our attention to a few favorite books about teeth!

Here's A Look At What We've Been Working On This Week!

We made a tooth diagram and wrote tooth facts!
We also took inspiration from the book Andrew's Loose Tooth and wrote our own loose tooth stories!  We included sound effects and vivid vocabulary!

Download the poem below.
We also designed posters as to how and why we are "Cavity Fighters"!

Download the the poster and the writing paper above.

Happy "Friday Eve", Everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Warm Fuzzy!

Looking for a fun way to motivate your young writers?

Click on the monster to view these new products from Trend Enterprises, Inc.

Introduce "Wednesday's Warm Fuzzy Writing Day" into your classroom.

Students pick a warm fuzzy friend from the container and start the day by writing a friendly letter to the chosen "warm fuzzy" classmate.

It's cute, it's easy, and it's engaging!

All you need is a set of laminated cards, pom poms, and google eyes.
Here's my template to get your started.

Click on the template to download the pdf.

I am in the process of making new "warm fuzzies" for my classroom because... I came across this new product from Trend while out and about the other day!

Wishing You A Classroom Full of Warm Fuzzies!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Words, Words, Words!

I am passionate about Word Study!

Here are a couple of instant resources 
for your classroom!

Click on the Word Builder Work Mat to download.

Click on the letter cards to download letter cards.

I create many of my weekly word sorts for my letter name 
and within word spellers.

Click to download an example of one of my sorts.  

Here are a couple of other resources that I have found useful for five to ten minutes of 'additional' word work during small group instruction.

I keep my letter cards and magnetic letters organized for ease of use during small group instruction.

These plastic utility boxes from Walmart work great in the classroom! 

Hope Your Tuesday Is Terrific!