Friday, July 22, 2011

A Book About Me

All of us have some type of student created booklet for the first week of school.  This type of simple activity is great to have on hand!  My old copy was in need of new clip art and a simpler font.  (This little project took a LOT longer to complete than I thought it would!)  If you are looking for a new "Book About Me" or just want to add this PDF to your collection, feel free to download it HERE.  I've include directions on the last page for teacher use.  Please remember to remove the "Directions To The Teacher" page before copying the booklet for classroom use.
Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Find A Friend

Students circulate through the classroom and meet new friends!

Here's a great team building activity I like to have on hand for the first week of school!  Use "Find a Friend" for a quick structure to allow for student interaction, to model classroom expectations for movement in the room, and to review and practice classroom manners.  

With the recording sheet in hand, students circulate through the room to pair up with a new friend.  Students greet each other and take turns to ask a question related to the grid.  For example, student A will say say to student B, "Do you like to read?"  Student B will reply, "Yes, I do like to read."  Student B will then sign his name in the corresponding box on Student A's paper.  (If the student replies with a "no", I encourage my first graders to try again and to ask about something else on the paper.  After all, we have different likes and dislikes.)  Before rotating, students thank each other.  Students mix and pair again with a new partner to complete the grid as time allows.  I do remind the children that they may only sign someone's paper one time.

These activities promote positive interaction, movement, and community.  It also allows for me to model (...again) how to stand up and carry the paper/pencil, how to find a partner quietly (by making eye contact), how to say "please" and "thank you", and how to speak using an inside voice.  

Click here to download this "Find a Friend" activity.

Here's One for Color Words.
 Click on the image below to download this "Find a Friend" activity.
(Some children may need to have support with recognizing and reading the words.)

Like Those?  Here's one for number words, too!
Click on the image below to download this "Find a Friend" activity.

Happy Holiday Weekend!