Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fishing For Facts

Time to Review

"Let's Go Fishing" reviews basic addition and subtraction facts.

"Fishing For Facts" game board ~ one per student
Math Flash Cards
2-sided counters

To take a turn, a player chooses a math flash card.  He either adds or subtracts the number sentence.  If the answer given is correct, he covers a fish on the “Fishing for Facts” math game board and the turn is over.  If the answer given is incorrect, he does not cover a fish and the turn is over.  Players take turns until time is up or until one player marks all his fish.  The player who marks all fish wins. 



  1. Thanks for sharing! This is great!


  2. Michelle,

    Thanks for posting these! You've got a great site.

    Erin Klein

  3. Hi Erin, Angelia, and Jennifer,

    I am so glad you can use this review game! I've spent the first three weeks of May testing and I still have one more week to go! I really want to "freshen" up the math stations and intervention activities this week. {I'm growing tired of our telling time and counting money activities so it's time for something new!} We still have a month of school to go so I'm hopeful that I'll find the energy to post a few more fun activities! Happy Teaching! ~Michelle


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