Monday, January 31, 2011

Fluency Fun!

Fluency Fun!  We are always working on reading accurately, with proper speed, and with expression.  Here’s a fun activity we’ll use this week!  

For brief, whole group, instruction, we will use the Kagan Structure “Quiz, Quiz Trade” with these cards.  (The words I have chosen to use on these Fluency Cards are known words and/or review words for most students.)  During small group instruction, we could use these cards with the Kagan structure, “Fan and Pick”. 

After several days of modeling and practice, I will add these cards to our Literacy Stations.  Click to view this great idea from Dr. Jean’s website to “change voices” and complete repeated readings.  Students can practice with a buddy or work independently.  We have several “PVC elbow joints” (whisper phones) that work well for individual practice.

Here are a couple of links on Fluency that I have enjoyed reading:

Be sure to check out this link for a strategy lesson plan sheet and other great "ready to go" resources!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Monsters!

  Here's the long vowel monster pdf!  (Click on the monster for the pdf!)  Just couldn't wait to add a long vowel sort to the monster theme for those little ones who may be working on within word patterns!  

BTW - Look at the cute lettering in my header ~ it was FREE!  I came across the link in my Lettering Delights Newsletter over the weekend and just couldn't resist!  If you haven't checked out Lettering Delights, it may be worth a click!  I have used their fonts and graphics for years and always find new ones that I just can't resist!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Short Vowels Sorting Activity

Finally, the roads are clear of snow and ice!  So that means I am able to run errands today....before the next storm in the forecast for early next week!  Oh my!  My first stop was the Dollar Tree to pick up the adorable, monster gift bags.  After reading about the idea on Babbling Abby's blog, I knew my first graders would love the bags and so would I!  Check out Abby's blog for more information about these cute bags. Her blog inspired my latest addition to our classroom Working with Words Literacy Station.

Clip on the one eyed monster to download the work mats and the short vowel word cards.

Looking for a "monster" Valentine's Day project to compliment the monster theme...
Visit  "What The Teacher Wants"  blog for a super, cute idea!

If I have time this week, I will duplicate the file for long vowels.  Stay tuned for the update!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Alphabetical Order

Another Snow Day! 

Click on the cookie jar for the pdf.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's an alphabetical order game for your 
Working With Words or ABC Station!  I know my first grade friends love when 
I add a "new" learning game to this station!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Math Bingo Game

School is closed for the second day in a row!  I just love snow days - an unexpected break and an extra good reason to have hot chocolate and cookies ~ lots of cookies!  It's also a good time for me to work on fun activities for the classroom.  Here's a valentine, math facts, bingo game.  A small group of students can play the game in pairs and switch game boards for added practice.  I plan to use heart erasers for bingo markers!  Click on the tic tac toe board below to download the PDF.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love A Snow Day!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  My first grade friends have been dancing their hearts out and finally they have been rewarded with a snow day.  While our area has only frozen slush right now, the real "SNOW" is forecasted for later today!  We're talking the snowman making, shoveling-kind of snow!!  Here's a look at some snowman poetry and a snowman inspired fact family poster from last week!
Here's the "5 Little Snowmen Poem".  Click the poem to download the pdf.

*Please know, I did not write this poem (...and I do not know who did...)* 

Stay Warm and Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Favorite Delivery!

What perfect timing!  Our Scholastic Book Order arrived today!  Ok, who gets more excited when the white and red box arrives ... the teacher or the students?  In my classroom, I will have to admit that it is the TEACHER!  Me!  I just had to share some of the great books that arrived today.  

These books arrived just in time as we have been studying features of nonfiction this week!  Next week I will plan to add a new literacy station to our work board.  "Interesting Information" will be open for small group and individual research.  I plan to model and use a variety of graphic organizers with my students during guided reading.  I hope you find something useful to use with your developing readers!  Click on the the link to download a few organizers to get started.  Happy Reading!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nonfiction Text Features

Click the penguin to download the pdf.

We're studying many of the features of nonfiction texts this week.  With these cold temperatures, we just had to start our studies by learning about penguins!  Features we plan to study include table of contents, captions, diagrams, vivid vocabulary, glossaries, and fun facts!  Hope these graphic organizers are just what you are looking for to add to the penguin unit in your classroom!  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January's No Excuse Words!

Click on the penguin to download the pdf.

We can read, spell, and write these words correctly from memory.  These words are our sight words.  We call them our "No Excuse Words"!  The Word Wall Words "list" is for use at home and it does not need to be returned to school.  The spelling and writing assessment pages are for use in the classroom.  We complete these word wall reviews every other week in addition to our weekly word study assignments.  Happy Reading, Writing, and Spelling!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fact Family Fun

Get up and Get Moving in Math!  

Click on the snowman to download the pdf.

Twirl your students around the room to form “snowflake” fact families!  Match the correct snowflakes to the fact family snowman and explain the math thinking!
Feel free to take a few of the snowflakes out of the mix and “challenge” the students to write the missing fact(s)!  Here’s to a snow dance in your classroom!