Monday, January 31, 2011

Fluency Fun!

Fluency Fun!  We are always working on reading accurately, with proper speed, and with expression.  Here’s a fun activity we’ll use this week!  

For brief, whole group, instruction, we will use the Kagan Structure “Quiz, Quiz Trade” with these cards.  (The words I have chosen to use on these Fluency Cards are known words and/or review words for most students.)  During small group instruction, we could use these cards with the Kagan structure, “Fan and Pick”. 

After several days of modeling and practice, I will add these cards to our Literacy Stations.  Click to view this great idea from Dr. Jean’s website to “change voices” and complete repeated readings.  Students can practice with a buddy or work independently.  We have several “PVC elbow joints” (whisper phones) that work well for individual practice.

Here are a couple of links on Fluency that I have enjoyed reading:

Be sure to check out this link for a strategy lesson plan sheet and other great "ready to go" resources!

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