Wednesday, December 19, 2012

R is for Reindeer (Preschool Learning Fun)

Work on Letter Recogntion
Develop Number Sense

Find and Stamp Capital R and Lowercase r
Count the Reindeer Noses

Shake, Roll, and "Rainbow" Write

R is for Reindeer
Letter Craft

While reading the book, remember to wear your red nose!

Wiggle and Giggle
with the
Wear antlers to wiggle and giggle with the Reindeer Pokey!

Balloon Activity
Check out A Little Learning For Two to find out more about this activity and to grab the instruction cards!

Blow up a red balloon and insert a glow stick or two! 
Have a blast with your very own (red) Rudolph nose!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Find-A-Friend


Find-A-Friend for December is perfect for an 
end-of-day activity, indoor recess, or as part of the morning meeting.  Get up and move.

 Build the Classroom Community!
Read how to play here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Hopscotch

Do you have extra gift boxes from the Dollar Store?   Do your little ones need to burn off excess holiday energy?   

Here’s A Fun Solution!
 Make and Play  
Holiday Hopscotch

Design the hopscotch path using the tops and bottoms of the gift boxes.  Secure the edges of the boxes together with clear packing tape.   
(Before playing, secure the board to the floor with tape.  Painters tape works well.)

 If you do not have shapes available, allow the kids to decorate the plain boxes with holiday drawings and use a maker to number the boxes.

Add a holiday-shaped skipping stone.
 We are using a snowman wall hanger from the dollar store.

Remember to play holiday hopscotch several ways. Use two skipping stones and have the kids add, subtract, or multiply the marked numbers.   

For holiday skipping stones, check out your (plastic) decorations for ideas.

Happy December!