Saturday, February 19, 2011

Share The Style!

Thank you to Katie Smith from "First Is A Fairytale", Mrs. Saoud from 
Mrs. Saoud's Class, and Claire from First Grade Smarties for this fun award!  
You are so sweet to share the love with me!

Here We Go.....7 Fun Facts About no particular order!

1.  I am a Starbucks "junkie".  
I just have to have a grande, decaf, skim, raspberry, white chocolate mocha!

2.  I love technology.
How did I ever teach without a SMART board???.... and I am a recent Apple fanatic!  
I'm not sure which I love more ~ my Iphone, my Ipad, or my MacBook Pro!

3.  I have a major sweet tooth ~ anything with sugar, chocolate, or frosting ~ send it my way!

4.  I love the beach!  
(My husband even proposed to me on a beach while we were building a sandcastle.)

5.  I was a Scholastic Finalist for the 2010-2011 school year 
" Online Mentors".  
I did not receive the honor (boo, hoo!), but I do serve on the Scholastic National Advisory Board and it's a very rewarding, fun experience!   I am so honored to be involved with Scholastic! 
(Update:  I received the honor for the 2011-2012 school year.)

6.  I have been published in Mailbox Magazine (somewhat thrilling back in 1997!)

7.  I am a mom to the cutest fur kid!  
We just love our lanky hound dog, "Carter Roo"!

Now To Share The Love!  

Here are a few more "Stylish Blogs" to check out!

(I do apologize as it has taken me a few days to recognize the award!  
It's hard to believe, but I stepped away from the computer for a little fun!)

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