Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Words, Words, Words!

I am passionate about Word Study!

Here are a couple of instant resources 
for your classroom!

Click on the Word Builder Work Mat to download.

Click on the letter cards to download letter cards.

I create many of my weekly word sorts for my letter name 
and within word spellers.

Click to download an example of one of my sorts.  

Here are a couple of other resources that I have found useful for five to ten minutes of 'additional' word work during small group instruction.

I keep my letter cards and magnetic letters organized for ease of use during small group instruction.

These plastic utility boxes from Walmart work great in the classroom! 

Hope Your Tuesday Is Terrific!


  1. I have the first book! Great book! I may have to look for the other one!

  2. Can you please explain what you do with the letter cards and how you present the example -op and -ot?

    Thanks so much! :)

  3. Thanks to all for the comments left here and a couple of email questions I have received. I will be happy to share more about the word study instruction in my classroom. Keep an eye out for a future post or two ~ it'll take me awhile to gather the materials in an organized fashion to post! I hope you will find an idea you can use or change and make it work for you and your students. :-)


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