Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're Not Sharing...Germs!

Here are a few links we'll be using to review hand washing and germs this week!

Many activities included on these sites are perfect for the smart board!

Click above to download the title for your classroom display.

Click above to download the poem for your poetry  notebooks.

Here's Why We Wash!

"Google Eyed Germs!"

Want to try it with your class?  

Here's to a healthy week in your classroom!


  1. haha! i love this idea! i (the teacher) have been sick for a couple of weeks and i am the one spreading the germs (even though teachers aren't supposed to get sick)!

    i love the artwork--i will def. do this in my classroom! thanks for sharing:)

  2. Cute bulletin board idea! Love that!


  3. LOVE your cute idea! I will definitely have to try this with my class!


  4. I LOVE this! It reminded me of this little video that I have used to teach about germs.

    Sid the Science Kid- Journey of a germ.

    P.S.: I love your blog! You have some great ideas.



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