Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun With The Presidents!

Reading, Writing, Creating, & Learning With Abe and George!

We started with a favorite "Honest Abe" 
read aloud this week!

We designed Abe and his famous hat. 

We wrote facts about this famous American and put those important facts in the hat!

(Here's a look at the back of our Abe Lincoln Art Project.)

An envelope glue to the back to the back of the hat turned out to be the perfect way to hold our important papers!

Here's a look at our fact writing!  

(After writing facts, each student inserted his/her facts into Mr. Lincoln's hat!)

Here's a Copy of A Poem We Added to Our Poetry Books This Week.

We're studying George Washington next week too!
I just love the TLC art projects ~ see George in the photo above.  
Check out the TLC website for more details.

Click here for next week's poem featuring George Washington!



  1. I like the poem. We are reading Abe Lincoln's Hat tomorrow.


  2. I love that poem. Thanks! :)

  3. Just had to share that I stopped by the Dollar Tree and found these great oversized plastic pennies that I attached to the poem ~ but I forgot to take a picture. I'll grab a photo tomorrow ...if I remember - the students were so excited to take the poem and the coin home today!

  4. I love the poem! i am going to teach it to my students tomorrow!


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