Saturday, April 2, 2011

Telling Time Assessments

We will {FINALLY} begin our unit on Telling Time!

Here are two standards based assessments to confirm mastery or need for further instruction.

Feel free to change the ideas around to meet your program of study.


  1. This is great Michelle! Have you done this with other concepts?


  2. Hi Kristen, I"ve done several more performance assessments this year (than in the past) with this type of record keeping. We are transitioning to a standards based report card in the near future so I want to be ready! :-) I love to do these types of assessments in math and I am getting more comfortable with the same format for reading and writing. I've only done a couple for the Science and Social Studies concepts. I hope to work on more for those areas maybe this summer. Once I found a format that worked for me, it was easy to apply the format to any subject/standard. ~Michelle

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