Sunday, April 10, 2011

Excellent Experts

First Graders LOVE Nonfiction!

To work on sequencing and editing skills, my students wrote about topics of expertise!

You name it, they wrote about it!

I'm an expert at....
making brownies.
baking a cake.
solving math problems.
playing soccer.
feeding my baby brother.
playing video games.
walking the dog.
cleaning the bathroom!  
(Loved that one!  Please come to my house!)

Here's the draft paper we used to organize our ideas.  Students met with me to edit their writing.  After conferencing with me and making some revisions, the students published their own posters.
(Click above to download.)

For some extra fun, I took pictures of each student wearing "nose-glasses" and we wrote "Who Am I?" on the yellow lightbulbs that are pictured on the final posters!

I've done this project with my first graders several different ways over the last couple of years.  Here's a look at another way we organized our work.


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