Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hatching Writers

Here's a look at our auto-biographies!

There is a page for "My School" and  the last page is blank to allow for a free topic choice.  Examples of the topics my students included this year were "Favorite Foods", "My Sports", and "Special Pets".

Happy Writing!


  1. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. Any way to get the pattern for the person?

  3. Super Cute! I love the self-portrait art work!
    THanks for sharing!
    Kerri B

  4. Love it!! I am going to use this next week! I would love to have a copy of the patterns for the person and egg if you have it to share.

  5. I would like a copy of the patterns for the person and egg too.

  6. I love this book. Cute idea. Shouldn't the titles say, " My family and Me, My friends and Me?" If you take off "my family or my friends", you would not say "I." It really means, "this is me.". Just checking to be sure we are always teaching our little ones correctly.
    Thanks for your great posts.

  7. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for reading and for the comments! I LOVE to read your comments. Your quick notes, inspire me each day. I did want to put out a quick reply that I do have a pattern for the egg in the photo from the "Hatching Writers" post, but it is at school. :-( make the egg pattern here's what I did....I found an oval basket in my classroom, traced around it and zig-zagged the top of it. Other than that, I did not give my first graders any patterns to make the hatching eggs. {I try not to use patterns for any of my projects.} To be certain the head was the right size, I did demonstrate for the children how to trace around a small paper plate to make the circle for the head. I also encouraged the kids to trace their own hands. For the arms, I demonstrate how to fold a rectangular piece of paper like a "hot dog" bun and cut on the crease. I am happy to trace and/or scan the egg and the circle tomorrow, but it wouldn't be posted until the weekend! Thanks again. You are the best! ~Michelle

  8. Hi Pam, These titles were actually sentence starters for the page. For example, "My family and I like to go to the movies." "My friends and I play at the park." The pages could certainly have titles that read "My Family", "My Friends", etc. Please feel free to modify the idea to make it work for your group.


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