Saturday, April 16, 2011


We have been working on writing our own poems this month.  I love the Scholastic Instant Poetry Frames!  I use many of the ideas from both of these books with my first graders throughout the year.

Here’s a look at our classroom riddles creation!  

"I am very flat and you see me everyday."  "What am I?"
... a name tag...

A fabulous parent volunteer designed and cut out the pop up booklets for each student and she gave me permission to share her template with you!  Click here to download the pattern.  You will need to use 11 by 17 construction paper folded in half for each pop up book.

I just had to share this student’s riddle:  

Too Funny! 
“I’m as smart as the teacher {?!?}, but I can't talk or move.  The line leader uses me.  What am I?”  

 (Answer:  "The April Calendar Board")

...the calendar "dates" are continued on the other side of the project...I guess he ran out of room on this side!  :-)

Want to make the pop up book and not sure on the size?

Here's a look at our animal riddles!

Have a great weekend!

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