Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sporty Eggs

Here are a few math activities for the plastic eggs in your classroom.

We are using "sporty eggs" for a few math games this month.
(Please know you can use any plastic eggs for these math activities.)

 Each student or pair of students will need a plastic egg and three dice per egg to play.


  1. Thanks Michelle! Guess I'll head back to Dollar Tree. They have so many cute eggs this year! I even got some in the shape of cars. I'm using the carrot ones this week. Someone had little bunny shakers to hold dice on their blog with math sheets to go with them, but haven't found those yet.

  2. Hi Busy Bee! I laughed when I read your note! I grabbed these eggs because I decided at the end of the day I could not longer be sure which egg should be returned to which basket...so sporty eggs will be for math, the pastel eggs for classroom management activities, and the cute carrot and chick eggs for literacy activities. So that means NO more eggs for me! Unless I come across something like the cute cars you mentioned! Ha!
    Have a great evening and thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment! I almost didn't post tonight and now I'm glad I did!

  3. I was just at Dollar Tree today and picked up the cute carrot and chick containers. I looked at the sporty eggs but didn't pick them up! Guess I'm back to the store! THANKS for the fun activity!

  4. Adorable. Now I have to go back to Dollar Tree too! THANKS for sharing. I am glad that you decided to post it!

  5. I just bought some! This is perfect! :)


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