Monday, March 18, 2013

Wrapping Up The St. Patrick's Day Fun

 These books were perfect for exploring and learning about the color green and shamrocks galore!

here's a quick look at more of our preschool activities for 
St. Patrick's Day!

The March-Poppin'Patterns Seasonal Calendar Days were the perfect accents for these seasonal counting workmats.  
(I glued the calendar number to the center of a Shamrock 10" Designer Cut-Outs ahead of time.)  

The children used gold coins and two-color calendar cut-outs to count sets.

 We turned the shamrocks over and used a die to practice our counting skills too!

 The March- Poppin'Patterns Seasonal Calendar Days were the perfect accents for these seasonal bingo cards.  

 The bingo cards were used with the preschoolers to reinforce number recognition.

These same cards could easily be used for addition and subtraction practice with kindergarten and first grade students.

We worked on letter recognition using the two-color shamrock calendar cut-outs.  
The child tossed a pom pom onto the card and named the letter.  
Some of the students also practiced individual letter sounds.

We played hopscotch on a field of shamrocks and 
matched the upper and lowercase letters.

 We counted shamrocks and made sets.

We had fun with patterns.

We matched shapes!

We continued our work with colors and patterns and made our own Shamrock Necklaces for a little St. Patrick's Day parade!

 Wow, it was a great week of fun and learning!

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