Friday, March 15, 2013

Spot a Leprechaun

Recycle plastic bottles this St. Patrick's Day!

"Discover" how much fun children ages 2-6 will have making these 
Leprechaun Bottles!

To get started, gather the materials from the project.  
I used pipe cleaners, magnetic wands, stickers, and paper clips.

Your products certainly help make Teaching Creative!

Before  sharing this activity with my students, I cut the stickers apart and attached paper clips to the individual shamrocks.  
(At this point, I left the paper backing on the stickers.) 

I also taped leprechauns to each magnetic wand and cut the pipe cleaners into small pieces.
Be sure to cover the shamrock stickers with the pipe cleaner pieces.

I placed the bowls and the wands on the table and the children searched for the shamrocks.
It was so quiet in the room while these preschoolers worked, we could have heard the small footsteps of a leprechaun!

The pipe cleaner pieces were attracted to the magnetic wand and provided for a little magnetic discovery and discussion. 

We made a game out of assembling this leprechaun bottle. 
I challenged the children to put all of the "rainbow" colored pipe cleaner pieces in the bottle.
A simple and fun fine motor and hand-eye coordination activity!

For a few of my Pre-K students assembling this bottle was also a sensory activity.  They weren't quite sure if they liked the way the pipe cleaners felt. 

Giggles and Gasps could be heard as they discovered the shamrock stickers in their bowls.  
We called the bowls the "pot of gold"!  
You may want to include some yellow sticker dot stickers as the gold! 

Shamrock stickers and a friend for the Leprechaun were quickly added to the bottle.   

The children were excited to take the bottles home so I encouraged them to add additional items such as colorful pom poms, small toys, shiny foil, etc. to attract a sneaky leprechaun!

Happy Friday!

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