Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know You're A Teacher When

Fabulous Abby at the Inspired Apple is having a link up party!

You Know You're A "First Grade" Teacher When...

You have more coffee mugs than IHOP!

You do not have any names to give to your own children as the “names” have all been taken!

You have a fabulous immune system since you have been exposed to every germ on the planet!

Your husband willingly cuts out your laminating, corrects math papers (so you can have a  “life” on Saturdays), and picks up all of those classroom extras at the store each and every week without ever questioning as to why you need it!

You are on a first name bases with the clerk at the Dollar Tree!

You have a shirt or sweater for every holiday and you are not embarrassed to wear it in public. boxes arrive at your home residence weekly (…or even biweekly) because you just can’t wait for the lower price in a future Scholastic book order!

You buy “247” boxes of Girl Scout cookies each year, just to be fair!

When walking through the hardware store, your husband sees PVC pipes, you see reading phones, science projects, and/or parent volunteer projects.

You LOVE Technology and even worse you will spend hours making sure your lesson plan, newsletter, classroom display, (etc.) have the cutest clip art!

You get just as excited as your students for the first “Snow Day” of the season!

You have the best job in the world!
After all,  “joy” is just one letter away from job!

 Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've even *secretly* critiqued friends' baby names, thinking, "I'd NEVER name a kid that on account of this one student I've had!!" HA :)

  2. My hubby also cuts the laminating for that man!

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