Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play Ball!

We will be working on reading (and pronouncing) words with the "ed" ending correctly!

Here's a fun game I just made to reinforce these skills.

The game cards can be used to for matching, sorting, and/or recognition skills.
I've included the baseball field as a game board and a simple spinner.

If you are interested in using it as a game board, you may want to model how to read the card, spin the spinner, and advance correctly along the baseball diamond.

Play Ball!


  1. This is oh so cute! Thank you! I am sure my firsties will love it!
    Kerri B

  2. Thanks for the download, My higher level group will be moving onto suffixes and affixes shortly. Who doesn't love playing games?!?

    First Grade Factory

  3. Thanks so much! One of my spelling groups is working on suffixes this week. I'm off to the laminator!


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