Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V is for Vase and Valentine's Day

 V is for Vase 
Valentine's Day Fun

 Coffee Filter Art

Start with a coffee filter and washable markers. 
(Cover the table with newsprint and/or paper towels to make clean up quick and simple.)
Use the washable markers to draw and color on the coffee filter.  

Use an eyedropper to drip water onto the coffee filter.  
Since coffee filters are porous, the ink will spread and blend with the colors next to it.
 (If you do not have an eyedropper, use a water bottle and lightly spray the filter.) 
Allow the colorful filters to dry.
While the coffee filters dry, assemble the vase.  We used a cut-out letter v for the vase, added the green flower stems and leaves, and the (blended coffee filter) flowers.

Add heart stickers throughout the design for extra Valentine's Day fun! 
 Extra heart stickers make great books too!

My Heart Counting Book

Here's a counting book made by my preschoolers.

It was quick and easy to make these cute napkin covered books.

  I used a holiday napkin, stapled blank paper inside, and added the counting phrases 
The Pre-Ker's added the stickers and practiced their counting skills.
 K-2 students could easily write math word problems and use heart stickers to illustrate their math thinking!

Happy Teaching!


  1. that is really cute! I love how easy the coffee filters are :)


    1. Hi Sarah,
      The kids loved the art project and their work turned out so much cuter than mine! :-) Thanks for the link to your blog. I can't wait to stop by and say hello!


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