Friday, February 8, 2013

The Sweetie Pie Is Served With Love

This special pie should be place on the table and opened on Valentine's Day.  Inside this pastry is a unique mixture of good thoughts and kind words.  The Sweetie Pie should be served with lots of love and an extra helping of kindness this Valentine's Day!
 Step One
Cut a circle from brown construction paper.
This brown circle will be the top of the Sweetie Pie. 
Use a black marker to draw a crisscross pattern on the top of the pie.
Step Two
Place a paper plate under the pie.
 Staple the paper plate to the back of the pie.
Leave an opening to insert the love notes.

Step Three
Download and print 
the Sweetie Pie Poem and Love Notes.
 (Click on the picture below to download.)
Step Four
Glue the poem to the top of the Sweetie Pie.
Write love notes to family members and insert the love notes into the Sweetie Pie.
Step Five
Serve this pastry on Valentine's Day! 

Have a sweet weekend!

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