Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pack a Picnic Basket

It's Picnic Time!
Time to celebrate the end of summer and Back-To-School with a family picnic. 
The Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum (MGT) celebration kit made this special day simple, easy, and fun!

 This month's Family Picnic celebration kit included invitation postcards, Pack a Picnic Basket song and game pieces, Apple Sandwich Snack directions, Marching Ants game, What is Missing? game, and two picnic-themed exploration stations.
This family picnic celebration kit is included in the August "Superheroes" themed Mother Goose Time curriculum box.  (Mother Goose Time includes a different themed celebration pack within each month's curriculum box.)

Here's a look at a few of the pages from the Family Picnic celebration guide.
Picnic Theme Books
Picnic themed books we read:
We're Going On a Picnic! by Pat Hutchins
Mouse's First Summer by Lauren Thompson
A Picnic by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Music and Movement
 We sang the song "Ants at the Picnic" using the lyrics provided in our Mother Goose Family Picnic guide.  This song was fun to sing!  The circle time CD is included in the Mother Goose Time Welcome Kit.  I received this circle time CD when I placed my first monthly curriculum order.

Ants at the Picnic Art Experience

We sponge painted red squares onto the white paper to make a picnic blanket.

After the paint dried, we used the round, black stickers to make ant bodies.  I helped my 2 year old decorate his ants.  (MGT supplied the paper, sponge, and black stickers.  All I had to do was supply the paint.) 

Apple Sandwich
The celebration guide even included a simple apple sandwich snack idea.

To make this snack, spread peanut butter (or your choice of spread) on one of the apple slices, count out 1-10 raisins and add them to the slice.  Cover with another apple slice and enjoy! 

Marching Ants Game
The Marching Ants game allowed us to work on basic number concepts.
(I simply love, love, love the fact that Mother Goose Time Supplies all of these materials in my monthly curriculum box.) 

My little guy loved the Marching Ants spinner.
He made sure the spinner landed on exactly the number he needed.

It's so much fun to count ants! 
(The pictured ant manipulatives are from a different math activity set.) 

What is Missing? Game
We used the picnic themed food cards included in the celebration kit to play this game.  We worked on expressive language skills and we reviewed each food item.  These cards were brightly colored and they sparked a lot of conversation and sorting.  I laminated these cardstock cards for extra durability. 

 After conversation and free play, I placed three food cards on the table.  We named each item.  I asked my little guy to close his eyes and I removed one card.  My little guy had to guess which food card was missing.  We played this game several times!

Picnic Collage
 The picnic collage station was a quiet activity to compliment our indoor, rainy day picnic.  My little guy looked at food pictures in recycled magazines.  He pointed to and named the foods he wanted to eat.  I cut out the photos of the foods he chose.  He glued the photos to the paper plate to make a collage.

My little guy could be heard saying, "Mmm, I love cherries.",  "Delicious!", and "Yummy in my tummy!".  He was so excited to share his picnic plate!

Ant Hunt Sensory Bin
 We mixed plastic ants with dry pasta noodles in a bin.  My little guy used tweezers to pull the ants out.  We counted the ants and played again!  This activity lasted all week.  I did not take a picture of our bin!  The pictured bin is a photo taken from the Mother Goose Family Picnic guide.

Bonus Activity 

A little bonus activity we had this week was this 100 Ant Picnic Math Activity Set.  My two year old enjoyed placing the ants on the blank side of the board.  He also enjoyed picking up the randomly placed ants and he would repeat the name of the hidden number. 

Relax and enjoy these final days of August with your little learners by hosting a Back-to-School or End of Summer picnic.

Be sure to check out the Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum.
We will be sharing our adventures with the September 2017 Mother Goose Time Preschool Theme "My Amazing Body" soon!  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reindeer Preschool Learning Fun

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 Preschool Fun

I hope to be back to blogging soon!  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Not Norman

We wouldn't trade Norman!

Two Simple Art Projects Inspired by the Book

Quick and Easy Activities for Children ages 1-8

white construction paper, black oil pastel (or black crayon), liquid watercolor paint,  orange and yellow tempera paint, precut tissue paper squares, diluted white glue, paintbrush, and water.

 white paper plate, liquid watercolor paint, black-eyed peas, white glue, small squares of colored construction paper, goggle eyes, fine tip black marker, scissors, paintbrush, and water.

Sing and Dance 

Summer Fun!



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Blast From The Past

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Legend of Jelly Bean and the Unbreakable Egg

The Legend of Jelly Bean and the Unbreakable Egg:  
A Holiday Hill Farm Book by Joe Trolano, illustrated by Susan Banta

I received this book from a friend and teaching colleague and I knew right away that it would be the perfect seasonal book for young children.

Here's a Peek Into the Story:

Five fluffy chicks peck, poke, and whack a friend who is not ready to hatch!  Much to their dismay, the unbreakable egg is collected by the farmer.  The chicks follow the farmer to rescue Chick Six, but not before falling into the Easter egg dye.  Finally, these colorful chicks receive a colorful surprise when the sixth chick Jelly Bean makes an appearance.  

Teamwork and kindness are the messages received from this great seasonal story!

My Preschoolers loved this story!  Here's a Look At What We Did:

Colorful Shape Inspired Egg Hunt

Prior to the start of the lesson, I hid many plastic eggs.  The children found the eggs and opened each egg to reveal a small shape cut-out.  The children were asked to identify and sort these shapes and to place the egg in the colored buckets.

Jelly Bean Sorting With Our Very Own Jelly Bean Chicks

Each child received these cute plastic chick eggs full of jelly beans to sort and to eat!

Jelly Bean Chick Art

These colorful chicks were made from coffee filters.

Ask K-2 students to write about their own unbreakable egg, complete a written retelling of the story, identify and explain their favorite part of the book, and make connections to self, text, or the real world.

 Click on the chick to download the writing paper and the math mind map.

Enjoy the download and have a great night!