Friday, September 28, 2012

September Word Bump

September's Favorite Game

Play it all year long! 

Here is a game board for the words that were reviewed during the first week of school.

(clip art from DJ Inkers)

Before playing, label a die with the six featured sight words.
  I like to use a tissue box.  I peel and stick the featured word cards for each week.
Sometimes, I print the words directly on a small, wooden cube.  

This game can be played in partners or groups of three if necessary.  Give each group a game board, a die labeled with the featured words, and different colored bingo chips for each student in the group.

To play, a student rolls the word die and reads the word.  If the word rolled is not covered, he places his chip on the word.  If the rolled word is covered with another player's chip, he may “bump” the other student’s chip off the board.  If the word that he rolled is covered with his own chip, he may roll again.  The first student to cover the board wins.

Grab the board, the word cards, and a September take-home word list.

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