Thursday, May 19, 2011

Butterfly Fun

Here's a look at a few butterfly inspired projects!

Our Nonfiction Book Picks

A great idea taken from Mailbox Magazine! 

We love to write our own poems!

Here's the framework we used to write our poems.

Flutter by the (insert adjective), (insert noun).
Flutter by the (insert adjective), (insert noun).
Flutter by the (insert adjective), (insert noun).
Flutter by, my butterfly!

I used sentence strips in a pocket chart to model the poem with the students.
(Sorry, I did not take a photo.)
I also had a few pre-made word cards for the adjectives and nouns.
I modeled the poem using the pre-made word cards.  Then the students provided their own ideas written on post-it notes.  The post-it notes allowed for ease of repeated student interaction.  
(You could easily transfer this group lesson to a small group station activity.)

Here's a look at a quick and easy art project!

Grab the watercolors and paper plates!

Students cut out a "v" at the top and bottom of the paper plate.
Students paint their watercolor designs.
Allow to dry and add the body.
Fun, quick, and beautiful!

Here's a look at the poem we added to our poetry notebooks this week!

Sorry, I do not have a download for you!  We are in the midst of testing!

It's been one busy month for me!   (...And we still have one month to go!)

Happy {almost} TGIF!


  1. This is adorable! I love these ideas!


    Frenzy in First

  2. Hi! I'm glad you saw something you like and hopefully, something you can use with your students! I was busy testing this past week and didn't have the time to take many photos! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! Your kind words made my day! ~Michelle

  3. Luv it!
    How did you manage the post-it notes for the butterfly poem????

  4. Hi Debbie, We have a "wall" for our post it note ideas and the kids just stick, reuse, remove, relocate, etc. We use post-it notes beginning in October so they are pros at it now. If post-it notes do not work with your group, and sometimes that is just the case, use index cards. The cards can be kept in a plastic basket or in an empty pocket chart nearby. Enjoy! ~Michelle


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